5 Winter Tips

Happy 2018! Yes, it's the time of the year to bundle up and stay warm. That being mentioned, there are some essentials that you must have in your wardrobe this winter. So here are somethings that I have in my wardrobe that I never leave home without. Lets get into it: 

1. Gloves 

Your hands will get cold really fast in below freezing weather, that being said you need a good set of gloves to keep your hands warm. Now, remember to invest in some good gloves that will last you a few years. I personally own some North Face gloves, they are a bit expensive but they are worth it. You know when your walking and you need to check that message and you have to take off your glove because your phone isn't sensitive enough to detect it, well with these gloves the issue is gone because of the E-tip that it has on the index finger. If these gloves aren't along your budget, you can always opt for some others, but at the very least please get something for those hands just not those cut off finger ones....please.


2. Scarves

Scarves are amazing for the winter time, not only are they functional but they also help you with being warm. Remember you want to have accessories that look good but also are functional. Many large retailers have tons of scarves, some of mine are from Gap, Banana Republic and TJ Maxx. Also,  make sure that your accessories are in versatile colors, so your blues and grays are great options.


3. Socks

Socks are a no brainer, they are what keep your toes from falling off. Keep your toes warm. Remember that your socks can also be a great accessory, they don't have to be boring. There are so many retailers that sell socks these days. 

51x4rv N51L._US500_.jpg

4. Sweaters

Sweaters are my favorite wardrobe pieces for winter. I got to say that I do not go out anywhere without at sweater during the winter season, layers are very important. My all time favorites are a thick shawl cardigan, it can be dressed up or down which is perfect for any occasion. 


5. Heavy Coat

I could not survive this winter without at least one heavy coat. There are so many kinds of coats out there, ex: overcoats, peacoats, quilted coats etc. Whichever coat you choose remember to spend a little money on it, wool is the warmest material, but for that very reason they are a bit pricier. You want a coat that is going to last you a few years, remember cost per wear (do not buy something so expensive and you only wear it once). My favorite: The peacoat (its perfect for the modest sized men). 

gap pea.jpg

6. Ear muffs/ Knit Cap

Beanies or knit caps are really not my thing, and the only reason for that is because I do my hair everyday. For those days that I do not have my hair done I would opt for a knit cap but I just do not feel comfortable wearing them, I do not feel as if I can actually pull them off. Both of these accessories are great options to keep your ears from falling off. Check them out, again these can be found at any major retailer.


7. Boots 

Its the season for boots, for some reason for fall/winter they just fit. Plus, if you live somewhere that is popular for snow (MinneSNOWta), I definitely recommend them. This is also great for avoiding those moments where you get snow in your shoes (I hate it too!). Make sure that you purchase some boots with some nice grip under them. Remember buy something that is versatile but functional at the same time. I really recommend Thursday Boots for this, all of their boots come with rubber soles which are perfect for the snow


I hope that all of you have a great beginning to 2018. Remember to subscribe to my mailing list and also continue to comment and share this content to reach more gentlemen out there.