How To Wear Loafers

A loafer is a shoe that must be in every mans wardrobe, their versatility is impeccable. One of the best things about loafers is the fact that they're easy to slide on and off (at least to me). There are so many loafers to choose from driving mocks to tasseled. It can be pretty overwhelming, that being mentioned today I am going over 3 loafers you may want to have in your closet, lets dive in!

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These are in order from casual to formal

1. Driving Moccasins

Driving moccasins are great for casual outfits and its because they are casual shoes. Originally these shoes were meant to be put on when men would get in there car, but as we can see people where these everywhere. Please do not wear these with suits! 

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2. Bit Loafers 

These are awesome shoes to dress up or down. There are many different styles of "bit" and well it would take forever to describe them, but you can definitely find all the different kinds. These shoes are great for nights out and are perfect for suits. 

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3. Penny Loafers

I have been in love with this style loafer this spring, I got 2. I have a pair in oxblood and also have a pair in black. The penny loafer is a classic shoes and is perfect when suited up. This shoe is also great with a pair of dark washed jeans. 

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There you have it gents make sure that you pick a new pair of loafers up this spring/summer 2018. Hope all of you have a great week!